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BARGE - Online Database of British Archival Resources relating to German-Jewish Refugees 1933-1950
Centre for German-Jewish Studies, Arts Building, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9QN, UK
In proportion to its size, Britain received more refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe than any other country, the majority of whom were German-speaking and from a Jewish background. Funded by the AHRB Resource Enhancement Scheme, the objective of this three-year project which started on 1 March 2004 is to create a comprehensive database. This online resource inaugurates a new era in migration research by recording the variety of archival resources relating to German-speaking refugees who arrived in Britain between 1933 and 1950 and whose papers are located in public and private British collections.

The rich holdings of institutional archives and personal collections are widely scattered through the British Isles, and there is currently no research tool that can be consulted. Both German and English-language resources are included to provide access to the cross-cultural influences of the refugees and the cross-fertilizations between continental and British culture. To reflect the growing interest in Life History and Oral History, the database includes information on collections of audio and audiovisual narratives.

The database records the names of individuals and the location of their papers along with brief biographical descriptions. The outcome of the project is a valuable facility for researchers to enable them to locate archival material. The database is available via the Internet and thus accessible from all over the world. (Aus der Selbstbeschreibung des Anbieters)


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