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Jewish Museum London
Jewish Museum London
" The Jewish Museum aims to increase knowledge and understanding of Jewish history, culture and religious life, as part of Britain's diverse heritage. Founded in 1932, the Jewish Museum had its initial home in the Jewish communal headquarters at Woburn House in Bloomsbury. Over the years, the Museum has built up one of the world's finest collections of Jewish ceremonial art, awarded Designated status by the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council in recognition of their outstanding national importance. In 1995 the Jewish Museum relocated to an elegant, early Victorian listed building in the vibrant neighbourhood of Camden Town. In the same year it amalgamated, on a two-site basis, with the former London Museum of Jewish Life, in Finchley, North London (now The Jewish Museum - Finchley). The London Museum of Jewish Life was founded in 1983 as the Museum of the Jewish East End, with the aim of rescuing and preserving the disappearing heritage of London's East End - the heartland of Jewish settlement in Britain. While the East End has remained an important focus, the Museum expanded to reflect the diverse roots and social history of Jewish people across London. It also developed an acclaimed programme of Holocaust and anti-racist education. Together, the two museum sites tell the story of Jewish life in Britain, through wide-ranging collections, exhibitions, events and educational programmes." (Aus der Selbstbeschreibung des Anbieters)

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